The Nutcracker XC MTB Race Series 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Nutcracker

THe Nutcracker FAQs

The Fun (Go-MTB) and Youth race (male & female) will be an hour long. The Senior Sport, Junior, Master, All Veterans (male & female) race will be 1:30 and the Experts & Elites will battle it out for around 2 hours.
In general a lap will be around 6-7km (4-5 miles) miles long.
That all kind of depends on the terrain and your fitness/ability. At Camp Hill for example, you could fly round a 6km lap in about 30mins whereas at Swaledale it might take 45 minutes to cover the same distance
No, you only need to hold a BC Racing Licence if you wish to collect points for your race result. If you do have a licence, you will need to present it at race registration in order to race.
If you are new to racing, we would recommend the Fun category. This is the shortest time and distance race (about 12km's over an hour) and is a great introduction to mountain bike cross country racing.
All of the racing takes place on private land and will only be available for practice on the official day. At each event the course opens from 8:30am to practice and get familiar with the terrain.
We have a whole heap of goodies for both placings, and spot prizes. The top 3 from each category will be presented after each race.
Don't forget your helmet (you won't be allowed out on the course without it), make sure your bike is in sound condition when you arrive on race day, bring water, tools, a pump and spares (although we do have a bike shop and service on site). Leave plenty of time for your journey so you're not in a rush to get through race registration, which can get busy. Once you've signed on you should fix your race number to the front of your bike using the cable ties provided. Ideally do one lap of the course at an easy pace before your race - this will get you warmed up and also give you warning of any difficult sections.
Get to the start line 5 minutes before the scheduled start of your race and follow the marshals instructions. Oh yeah, and have fun!

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